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Can You Play These on......

Okay I know im going to probably get a bit fat resounding NO as my answer for both questions but what the heck ill ask anyways just so I can be sure...

1. Can I play SW KOTOR/KOTOR 2 on the X-BOX 360?

2. On the X-BOX/X-BOX 360, is there any way to take screenshots like you can on the PC?

Reason im asking is that I wanna get an X-BOX but I wanna play KOTOR1/2 on it. Im just worried that if I get a regular X-BOX then everything will end up being for the X-BOX 360 and ill end up having a machine and not very many games to play on it.

I dont really wanna shell out the money for an X-BOX 360 unless I can play these games and any other X-BOX games on it. Id rather just have a regular X-BOX and play X-BOX games on it.

Theres not much out for the X-BOX 360 that I really want right now anyways.

Thanks for your time.
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