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Awakening of the Rebellion - Return of the Gameplay

The award-winning Empire at War modification "Awakening of the Rebellion" now has been translated so that you guys can enjoy this mod, too. Awakening of the Rebellion enhances the game with a new galaxy map, new units and improved Gameplay.

This mod adds a shipyard system (different kinds of shipyards for fighters and capital ships). Shipyards need storages, the more storages you build the faster ships are constructed.
The Empire now starts in the core of the galaxy and controls most of the core and MidRim planets. The Rebellion now really needs to count on hit&run tactics. The Rebellion starts in the OuterRim.

Click to enlarge

Of course we've also added new units like the Nebulon B2 Frigate, the Imperial and Rebel Dreadnought, the TIE Interceptor and much more.
In the last picture you can see the whole new galactic map. As you can see the Empire controls the Core and the MidRim. The planets and trade routes are all leading to the heart of the galaxy, Coruscant.

Made in Germany

Empire at War HQ|Head Admin
Steiner Modding|Transatlantic PR

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