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Hmm What A Wonderful Subject,
Well i dont have things to add more than my friends here.
though about the 3 comminst friends in the bar, I believe they went to work under Eva in the LSA? Or Eva will be as an assistant all her life?

Toto, I believe his life continues as it is. In his far lonley boat.
Glottis, Life is clear, He is still working under his machines, I heard he has new ideas and products.
Olivia? Isnt she the magic modern poetriest lady?
If its her, then i believe she died in the large farm where Hector died.
I believe she died and filled the garden with more flowers.
But not next to Salvadore, Her Flowers were in the other side.

Maximino, Hmm Well Sadly i think he ruled Rebacavva, I think he took over Manny's Club. What was the name of the beautiful lady in the Laundry of Manny's Club?
Maybe she did something and took over the club.

Its beautiful when the story is always opened in the end...
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