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Originally Posted by ExileRevan
But, they obviously have some sort of shred of free will. Afew of the clones you could tell that they didnt want to execute the order, ex. Plo Koon's clones, Obi's clones. Shrine's Clones (Rise Of Darth Vader) on the other hand disobeyed the order completely.
They don't have as much free will as a normal person, they have some free will obviously, which is what makes them better than droids, they choose not to die.
If you told a battledroid to go run into an enemy base, it would say "roger, roger", trot out onto the battlefield without question completely upright and it would get taken out.
A Clone Trooper faced with the same order may or may not question it, and if he did go he would take cover and try to protect himself.
The Clones have free will and Independance the higher their set rank is. In EU the ARC Troopers were so close to unaltered, that the ARC Trooper Alpha began to have some of Jango Fetts memories and went rogue.

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