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The few survivors of Aranos' lightning were quickly finished by his lightsaber. Aranos walked over to the main command terminal and set about hacking into it. He then got out his comlink and contacted Malus:
"My Lord, the Republic command centre has fallen. Unfortunately, the Jedi scum and the Republic leader were not here. Fortunately for us, however, they were unable to get off a distress call so no one else is aware of this. I am quite sure that I can turn their computers against them and take command of the enemy, I will send them orders that will disadvantage them and put them into disarray. I think this battle is going to become interesting..."

"Good and evil are but points of view. Many would call me evil for the things I have done, but to myself and to my followers, I am the saviour of the galaxy. I have not shirked from my duty because it is unpleasant or because others will disapprove. I regret the deaths I have caused on this path, but they were necessary to prevent far greater evil. So, Jedi, who are you to say what I do is wrong?"

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