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It's clearly stated in my JK2/Jk3 guide:

Character building basics (workflow)

*This is pretty much the same thing Spacemonkey discussed in his tutorial, with some comments/tips from myself*

Steps i did for my models (yes you should follow in that order):

*1.Import Kyle's Skeleton from .Xsi

*2.Weight the tags to the skeleton

3.Modeling (build your model around the skeleton with previously weighted tags)

4.UVW Mapping

5.Segment your model

6.Cap the segments (this can be done after the hierarchy)

7.Weight the mesh to bones

8.Link the hierarchy

9.LODs (ok, i didnt make any )

10.Export to .XSI / Compile thru assimilate

*If you are using the JK3 skeleton, steps 1 & 2 are already done.

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