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Originally Posted by Wildcat'
Oh! I'm sorry Mike. I didn't read this thread for a while. If it's not too late I'll still send my model to you. I'll send you a few.
No problem, send them when you can. It'll be interesting to get my hands on some actual community created exporter output.
I'll then see if I can fix what's wrong the viewer

And FYI, it has been brought to my attention that the viewer also crashes on certain other models, particularly W_LASER_..... models. The point about those certain kinds of models is that they use different chunk types.
The usual chunk type for storing vertices is 10006h. The laser models use 10005h, which stores vertices slightly differently. The exporter does not output those kind of chunks, to the best of my knowledge. A similar story is about bones. Normally, bone data is stored in 206h chunks. Some models have 205h chunks. Although similar to 206h chunks, they're still slightly different.

In fact, the 205h chunks lack a single value found in 206h chunks, but that's not a problem, because I didn't know what they meant anyway, so my viewer ignores them anyway. So it extracts the same information from 205h and 206h chunks anyway.
The same wasn't true for 10006h and 10005h chunks. My viewer, not knowing what to do with them, completely ignored 10005h chunks. This meant that the meshes that used 10005h chunks had no vertices. And apparantly DirectX doesn't like it when you pass it empty vertex buffers -> error
Although the basic vertex information (position, normal, texture coordinates) is in the same spot in 10005h and 10006h chunks, I still don't know what the rest of the 10005h chunks' data is for. And chances are I never will.

So maybe those models were created by a different, more powerful, not-released-to-the-public exporter. Or, alternatively, they were created by an earlier version of the exporter and Petroglyph was too lazy to re-export their earlier models

Hm... I wonder, does anyone care about this blabbering? I always try to keep people up to date and 'educate' the readers of my posts into the details of the Alo format and the viewer whenever possible. A wasted effort in the age of the use-and-forget and as-long-as-it-works mentality?

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