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"Wow. Thanks for teaching me how to make cardboard cutouts of myself lizardman. Too bad Cardboard Kelvin is somewhere being tortued. ah well. now lizardman? did you here what I just said about the oblivion weapons?" said Kelvin.

Suddenhly Timmy appeared."Woah. What happened here? Hey Kelvin. Whats up with that search for the Oblivion weapons? I'd have Cosmo and Wanda help but they can't get magic items stronger than their own. Oh yeah. I found one. here you go. Hey, cool lizard dude." said timmy.

Kelvin said"where did you get it?"

Timmy then said"Uhhh. Internet"

"Welll, this weapon is called the gauntlet of Transformation. Transforms the user into anyone for 5 minutes. yo lizardman, you can have it so long you don't use it for evil."said Kelvin.

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