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1. in the videos that i have seen and the screen shots, it appears the empire are the weakest, especially vaders flag ship super star destroyer that was obliterated in a video i watched, appearing weaker then a normal star destroyer.

the rebels appear to be in the middle and then the underworld faction. is this true or are the empire the military might of the galaxy (i would mainly like to know about the supper star destroyer). if the empire do not have the strongest military units then the expansion will be disapointing

2. i also wanted to ask if the empire and rebels will have similar abilities to the corrupt side, seing as they would be able to by them fom corrput rebels or empire worlds, shouldnt this mean that they have the technology aswell

3. will their be a new map editor released that is easier and more user friendly to use?

4. if this is a success will you continue to make more expansions or games of this genre?

P.S. sorry for asking so many questions, but i am very curious and hopeful that the expansion will be as good as or better then the original game

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