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I have a's possible this has been fixed with the new release, but I'd like to ask anyway since it's not a bug I can replicate, or rather, it's never happened to me.

I have a mod-in-progress that changes a custom .utc so that the Appearance_Type and PortraitId are added in from memory tokens, like so:


The memory tokens refer to new rows created in appearance.2da and portraits.2da. Installing it has always worked for me (I've had to uninstall and reinstall my K2 mods a few times, never had a problem with this), but for some reason, the .utc isn't being changed for some people, leaving them with the default appearance from the .utc in the tslpatchdata folder. The .utc is based on Atton's, so they end up with the new character looking like Atton. I hadn't heard that my loverly beta testers had noticed that the portrait was Atton's, but then, I suppose that's something a little less noteworthy.

I wrote my changes.ini by hand, so of course I could have written in a mistake that seems rather selective in who it bothers

Is there any reason why this might happen or is it just dumb bad luck?

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