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The entire camp was quite for some time. Natasha sat in her cabin, thinking about Ness, and mostly about neext year. "Will he be here, what if he doesn't come?" She thought to herself. Natasha looked at her watch and rolled out of the top bunk, landing on the floor with a loud 'thump'

Ness was waiting by the parking lot for his parents to come. Sarah was with him. They didn't speak, just recollected about all that happened these past few weeks. They wondered if they'd ever see eachother again. A red car pulled up, and Sarah looked up. "That's my ride." She said.

She stood up and looked up back at the trail, Natasha was running down trying to catch whoever was leaving. "Sarah! Hold on a second!" She yelled "Oh my god, are you leaving?" Natasha asked

"Yeah, I'll really miss you guys." she said, looking at both Natasha and Ness.

"Aww, BFF's" Natasha said, giving Sarah a hug. Sarah, hugged in return and waved while walking off to her cap. After tossing her luggage into the backseat, she loaded into the front seat, and rolled down the window. "SEE YOU GUYS NEXT YEAR!!" She yelledbefre the car sped out of the gates and out of sight.

Natasha smiled, looked down at Ness and said, "Well, it's just us now." Ness looked up at her and said, "Yeah. So much has happened."

Natasha sat on the grass next to him. She wanted to just tell him everything right there. "I'll miss you more than anything." She said, looking at the ground.

He looked at her, sulking.
c'mon, go for it Ness

No way...Too awkward!

Fine, look at her sulk about leaving a teenage love possibly forever.

You really suck sometimes Buzz.

"Uhh, Natasha." He said, awkwardly.

"Yeah? What is it?" She replied

"I'll miss you the most too." he said, sounding a little ashamed.

"Really? AWWWW" She said, hugging him very hard.

They then had a moment of silence, and their eyes met.

Here it comes, better get the camcorder.


For a second, it appeared she'd lean in for the kiss, but then, she backed away. She lloked at him, and said "I know you don't wanna kiss me, so I won't even bother."


You're a wossy bitch, you know that?

Shut up, Buzz

NO! You look at her. Open your eyes boy, she's mad for you.

Ness felt lots of guilt in this. He was just too scared. Ness didn't want that, he knew she was sad and that was the most he couldn't stand. Ness grabbed Natasha by the shoulders then kissed her.

"OMGOMGOMG!!!" She though. He though "OMGOMGOMG WHY DID I JUST DO THIS???"

When Natasha's heaven and Ness' hell was over, Natasha could only reply with a "wow."

Then a blue mini van pulled in. "I've gotta go. I'll miss you." He said, looking down.

Natahsa lifted his head, looked into his eyes and said "Cheer up, darling. The best of times are yet to come." She Kissed him on the cheek then handed him the envelope.

He rose, grabbed his things and went to the car. After he climbed into the back seat, Natasha watched him drive off. Her hair blew in the wind, as a tear ran down her face.

Hours passed and Natasha didn't see her parents, and became impatient. She then hopped into the stump and went to Sasha's lab. As soon as she arrived, Sasha turned around and said "Oh, hi Natasha. You'll be leaving with Milla, so I'd find her if I were you. She's probably out on the docks." Without a word, Natasha sped off to the docks and sat there while Milla packed.

Milla tried to make small talk with her, but it just went out one ear and into another. As soon as Milla was ready to leave, they headed for the parking lot. The only words Natasha heard were "So, did you tell your friends goodbye." Natasha looked over at Milla, and simply said "Yes." to her.

Milla smiled at her and climbed in the front seat. Natasha hopped into passengers, and stared out the window. "I'll miss them deeply, but hey," She looked over at Milla who was pulling out of the parking space and heading out the gates

"There's always next year."

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