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HEAD INVASION ALERT! HEAD INVASION ALERT! Oh no Darth. The moment someone asks to be a muse, there astral form ends up in my head and does a random dance, singing 'I'm a muse, I'm a muse!' and then they start working. And being musish. Also, soul food, right here. READ IT!!!

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.

Everything was calm one beautiful Whispering Rock morning, with bluebirds singing and squirrels being blown up and whatnot. Until…

Darth: Hey, I have a great idea for a fan fiction! Want to hear it?
Pyrohappygirl Sure! I need new ideas!
Darth: You should do a Razputin forums, Psychonauts crossover!
Pyrohappygirl: Sounds great! I’ll start it right away!
Darth: Wait. You must not forget to add on Smon’s fedora of DOOM!!!
Pyrohappygirl: …
Darth: YOU MUST NOT!!!
Pyrohappygirl: I get the idea, Darth ol buddy ol pal.
Pyrohappygirl: Yes Darth, you are. I guess…

Everything was about to get really weird…

Suddenly, a shiny, rainbow-ish portal opened in the middle of the reception area at Whispering Rock, sending a bunch of people flying out. Darth_Ave, who was wearing a scarf, a black shirt, a white skirt, and, for some reason a pink beret. King_Cheez, who was smiling and talking about MUSHes. Pyrohappygirl, who was wearing an evil grin, and a pink, brown and white beanie. Smon, who had a dark blue t-shirt on as well as his trademark black fedora and… What the heck? NO PANTS!!! Underpants, yes, but no ACTUAL PANTS!!!

Mashi sighed, looking up into the sky and watching clouds fly by. She was bored. She wanted to be emo, but that was difficult what with Raz running around talking to everyone and being overly nice. Mashi didn’t want to ruin his mood, because she wanted to make him cry later that day by telling him she was taking Lili away to be cryogenically frozen, to preserve her Lili-ish beauty forever. Mashi stood up and stretched, before walking away to find Lili.

Darth was sitting on the docks with Elton and Milka. She was particularly annoyed, because Milka refused to let her get together with Elton.
“Elton is MY boyfriend and you and those other hoes Lili, Franke and Kitty can just leave me and Elton in our perfect daydream,” Milka yelled.
“Well, that’s too bad, cause I saw him first and he’s MINE! And anyway, Quentin is your boyfriend, remember? Go crawling back to him, slut,” Darth snarled.
“Oh, you’re the slut here, Darth,” Milka growled.
“Oh you’re asking for it now!” Darth screamed, before bitch-slapping Milka.
“Oh you did not just slap me, did you?” Milka screeched, grabbing Darth’s hair. Elton merely sat behind them, however. Talking to the fishes. They were always right. And they said Darth was gonna get her man.

Cheez sat, rapt in silence, next to Vernon.
“Wow, and what happened next Vernon old buddy old pal?” Cheez hummed.
“Well, I found a dollar note, and I went and bought ice-cream, and…” Vernon continued rambling, and Cheez kept listening. Cause, I mean, he was Vernon after all. I mean, sheesh, what do you think Cheez’d do?

Sasha had added the last barricade on his lab, when suddenly he heard a shout from outside.
“OH MY GOD IT’S SASHA NEIN OH SQUEE!!!” He heard a girl yell, before a huge portion of one of his blocks fell down.
“Oh no, you close one entrance down, and she finds another way in!” He cursed silently, shaking his head.
“Oh Sasha! I’m here…” A girl stepped through the rubble, wearing ‘I heart Sasha Nein’ t-shirts.
“Show me around, okay?” She grinned, before sticking out a piece of paper.
“And while we’re at it, autograph?”

Smon sat in the ruins of the asylum, Fred next to him, contemplating life, and laser trash cans.
“So Fred, what’ll we do now?” Smon sighed, fiddling with a pebble.
“We could always use that psycho-portal you found to go into my mind and play Waterloo,” Fred sighed, smiling cheesily.
“Sounds good,” Smon sighed, picking up a small door he had found lying around and throwing it at Fred’s head…

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With that, pyrohappygirl becomes about 100 times better than Darth_Ave, who is about 100 times better than Shakespeare. So you're like 100,000 times better than Shakespeare, but only a mere 100 times better than me.

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