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Originally Posted by VampireNaomi
I've been playing Nintendogs. You can't imagine how addictive it is before you try it. And the puppies are so adorable!
Is it that good? I mean I am a huge Nintendo fan, dont have a DS yet but maybe soon. Isnt Nintentogs just a reworked tamagotchi style game? maybe its just not the game for me.

Well my game I played recently is maybe almost unknown, Killer 7 for the gamecube. I beat it tonight again after a long time in Killer 8 mode Its a kind of adventure game with puzzles, but often on a very low level ( its get harder in the Killer 8 Mode ) The gameplay is really repetitive ( like shooting monsters -" Heaven smile " ) but... the story is dragging like hell and the graphic style is awesome!

ok have to leave now..part 2 comes later

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