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Yes, you have to build the character in the proper way, your pivot points are all messed up on those meshes.

When your character is completed, it should be ONE solid mesh, no detached body parts, at that stage, you go to the hierarchy tab to the right (the icon is a box with 3 smaller boxes attached to it).

Select affect pivot only, then you click center to object (in the alignment tab). Once you align the pivot point, you need to add the reset xform modifier, (go to utilities (hammer tab) click reset xform, then reset selected, if you did some weird manipulations your mesh will get distorted and get the normals flipped. Once you have applied the modifier, you go to the stack and COLLAPSE it (dont delete the modifier!).

After doing a quick test, i can see that all your meshes suffer from this.

At least you got it to compile which is good!

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