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Now there's another problem to address, maybe you can help again. It goes like this: I have a command set up in g_cmd.c that swings the saber in various directions by feeding a version of PM_SaberAttackForMovement virtual movement directions and then causing a simulated attack button press to fire within PM_Weapon in bg_pmove.c. This works great in standalone client games and listen servers, where I can use 7 numpad keys to make the saber swing all over the place, and I can do swing combos (like yellow scissors etc.) just like regular mouse-driven sabering in normal JKA. Transitions all work like they're supposed to. However now when I run the game as a dedicated server and join it, the buttons swing my saber in the right direction but I can't combo anymore, now in all stances the saber has to do a full swing 100% then come back all the way back to "ready" before it will let me swing again with the keys. There are no transitions and no flowing from one swing into another.

Any ideas why this might be happening?
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