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Chapter IV right away!

Chapter IV
Games of Mistrust-Part II

Jaden and Rosh prepared the ship, giving it a extra seat for them to fit in while Kyra talked a bit about the Dark Side with Luke: how to evade it, how to get away from it and how to fight it. Rosh then interrupted.

“Kyra, the ship’s ready, we should go.” Said Rosh.
“Alright, thanks Rosh. Bye Master Skywalker.” Said Kyra.

She waved her hand at Luke and ran with Rosh to the ship. They saw Jaden finishing something on the engine.

“Well, the Raven’s ready to go.” Said Jaden. “Also, there is one seat at the front, the other two are behind and can turn around for the turrets.”
“We should get going.” Remarked Kyra.

A droid set up some stairs and they climbed them. Jaden sat in the front seat and Kyra and Rosh in the backseats. He set the coordinates to Nar Shadda and blasted off.

Meanwhile on a space ship, Kayn watched onto Nar Shadda.

“My Lord, the Jedi’s are on their way to Nar Shadda.” Said one of Kayn’s officers.
“Send starfighters Officer Skyrider. Also, tell Darth Tenebrae to go to our base on Nar Shadda. He should straighten those kids up.” Said Kayn.

Officer Skyrider got on some sort of mic and ordered many star fighters to look for the Raven’s Claw while Tenebrae went to Nar Shadda.

“What the? Rosh, Kyra, turrets, hurry!” said Jaden.

They both got their fingers on the triggers and started shooting. Many star fighters appeared and they were skilled shooters. Jaden evaded many shots but they weren’t enough for them. They needed a trap. Rosh prepared some sort of missile and shot it. It destroyed 5 star fighters. They went all at the Raven’s Claw but Jaden simply went up and they all crashed and burned, destroying each other.

“Well, we got out alive, that’s good to know. Now we should continue our trip to Nar Shadda.” Said Rosh.

When they got there, the welcoming party was Han and Chewie.

“Finally, you made it. I was starting to think you wouldn’t do it.” Said Han.

They walked off a little to the docks. They saw a TIE Fighter landing.

“Quick, hide!” said Jaden. They hided behind some boxes and saw a Sith coming out. His face was red and black, he had a cape and looked very shady. He asked the Dock Master if a ship known as the Raven’s Claw had landed but he didn’t knew. The Sith then walked off to the Jekk Jekk Tarr, a cantina which toxic fumes could kill a human.
They continued their “trip” to settle the Bounty and found that a Hutt named Gordon was near there.

“So all we need to do is get in there and talk to him?” asked Kyra.
“Unfortunately not. We need to seek a servant of his.” Said Han.

They walked off to the cantina where they found a Twi’lek. Fortunately he worked for Gordon.
“Hey you there!” shouted Han.
“Well well, if it isn’t Han Solo. What do you want?” asked the Twi’lek.
“We want to settle a Bounty with Gordon.”
“Oh, that. Well, you see, Master has certain “tastes”.”
“What do you mean?” asked Kyra.
“Oh, a girl. She’ll do nicely.”
“What does he mean?” asked Rosh.
“Well, kid, to settle the bounty you’ll have to…dance for Gordon. And to make matters worse, you have to wear a certain suit.” Said Han.

The Twi’lek showed them the suit. Kyra didn’t like it but she knew it was the only way to settle the bounty.

“Alright, I’ll do it.” Said Kyra as she put the dress on.

The Twi’lek then brought them to Gordon’s place. Kyra started dancing but eventually Gordon fell asleep as the Twi’lek ran off. Kyra put her normal clothes on and ignited her lightsaber.

“Wake up!” she shouted. Gordon immediately woke up.
“Ha, wah, oh, wait, what do you want?” said Gordon noticing she had her lightsaber ignited.
“I want you to stop the bounty we have on our heads!” she shouted once again.
Gordon looked right and left and then pressed a button. The Sith they saw came out.

“Tenebrae, deal with them!” said Gordon.

Tenebrae ignited his dual red lightsabers while Jaden and Rosh ignited theirs. The battle lasted about ten minutes with red, violet, orange and yellow sparks flying. Eventually Tenebrae knocked down both Jaden and Rosh and Kyra into Gordon. He was about to stab her when she flipped and rolled on his shoulders and he stabbed Gordon, killing him. Tenebrae then turned around only to be decapitated by Kyra’s spinning lightsaber throw. Finally it was done, there was no longer a bounty on their heads and Darth Tenebrae was dead.

“That’s for making me wear that dress!” said Kyra with a angry look. Jaden and Rosh calmed her down and to relax a little, they went to the Cantina and played a little Pazaak and then finally went to the Raven’s Claw to go back to Yavin IV.

“Master, Darth Tenebrae is dead.” Said Cyrus.
“It does not matter Cyrus, he was weak anyway. Let’s see how this meddling kids get out of my next idea.” Said Kayn as he laughed a evil laugh.

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