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That wasn't my goal, if my theory is true, then the maps of KotOR 1 + 2 would show up as a mesh, like head models, and I could modify the mesh and add in some fillers, then after I would be able to reskin the whole thing(ex. modify peragus' map to get rid of the celing and reskin it to look like some part of Hoth), to create a completely new map. The problem is that I wouldn't know how to add the objects (Doors/computer panels). Even If I were trying to put the KotOR maps into TSL, I wouldn't be able to, I dont have KotOR 1. (If you're wondering what a 'filler' is in CAD: it is the set boundary on an object/map. If you add fillers, then the map is larger, if you add 'blocks' the map gets smaller. A filler is always a see-through 3d rectangle with a set height, and a block is any shape and size that is rendered in RED immediately in the CAD).

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