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It has been 2 months since that last faithful day at Wispering Rock, and much has changed for many of the people.

Sarah went back to her home and continued to live a normal life. She became more outgoing and was elected class president for her school. She made many new friends and continues to speak with Ness and Natasha on AOL IM.

Natasha continued to live with Milla for about a monthwhen she discovered the news. Her parents had been killed in a car accident on the way to pick her up. Alcohol was the cause of the crash, and Natasha refuses to speak of her old parents. Sasha legally adopted her since there was neither of her parents were alive ot sign it. On return to her home, Natasha took only with her some clothes, a few boxes of sheet music for piano and violin, and the rest was donated to goodwill. Natasha currently lived with Sasha.

Ness returned to his home in Onett. He continued with his school year when summer ended, the poloroid picture of Natasha in his locker. He would go home and talk with his friends on IM, including Sarah and Natasha. The letter from her posted on his bulliten board. You probably wanna know what it says, just hold on bitches i'll tell you later.

As for the councellers.....

Fred stopped being so crazy and moved to the French riveria. He now own an established wine business that ships internationly. It is even endorsed as the Official Wine of The Psychonauts!

Milla took Natasha in with her while Sasha finished up thing at the lab. The two started a relationship, when Sasha came to pick Natasha up, via Grayhound Bus, they went on their first date. AWWWW!!!!! How mushy, however they broke up when Milla was discovered having an affair with Coach Oleander. Now, her and the Coach live together and raise bunnies.

Sasha was crushed by the breakup and has stopped being partners with Milla. He found a new partner, Madeline Piaf, a french import and the two totally hit it off. With intellectual alikeness and a fondness for Natasha the two began dating, and Natasha Nein was happer than ever to see her dad with the right one. He was especially happy that he never had to give her the boyfriend talk again.

Ford left his sanctuary, put some pants one after the whole 'Dan' inccodent, and continued to help the psychonauts until he was kidnapped by a bearded Dr. Loboto. Ness and Natasha reunited to save Ford and, yet again, saved the day. They had a secret lakeside dinner at the camp away from Sasha and all was perfect.

Linda finished her reconstructive surgury and is now, just another lungfish.

Dr Loboto was killed by a bear, then his carcas was mauled by a cougar. His showercap still lives though...

And now, for all the fans....Natasha's letter to Ness. ~cough, cough~ A-hem.

Dear Ness,

Damn, camp is already over, I know it totally frickin sucks. I'll miss everything here, even that damned lake, which kept trying to kill us all. I'll miss you the most though. You're a totally great person and a perfect friend too. You're also a stone cold fox and I can't help but like you for that.
We've known eachother for only a few weeks, but it feels like eternity. This whirlwind of events bringing us together. I don't ever want to lose you in my life and hopefully will be with you forever. I hope to see you again next year at Wispering Rock, or possibly before next year.

With Love,
Natasha Nein
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