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Originally Posted by Zat
Killing form because he need to master other form before he could use it
Originally Posted by MachineCult
I believe the creator of the killing form is greater, he mastered the classic form first, then he created the killing form, and then he mastered that = Greater.

You both have a good point there.

For example, Vapaad is the completed form of Juyo, which was incomplete for a long time. Windu had to master Juyo before he could even try to create Vapaad.

But look at how Obi-Wan has mastered Soresu, while also implementing Shii-Cho and Ataru into his attacks.

I guess by mastering a certain form, you will have the knowledge and the skill needed to add elements of other forms into the form that you have mastered, and therefore greatly improving your attack.

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