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Sasha stared at pyro. Pyro stared at Mikhail. Raz stared at Sasha.
"TIME TO ROCK THE GONDOLA!!!" Raz yelled, swaying himself backwards and forwards in the small, enclosed thing that was now high over Queenstown.
"Stop! No! I SCARED I'M SCARED I'M SCARED I'M SCARED I'M SCARED I'M SCARED!" Pyro screamed as the thin cable swung madly. Suddenly, the hook haging off the cable broke, and the whole gondola cab fell down. Luckily though, Pyro suddenly used her newfound powers of telekinesis to save them all! Mikhail helped too. Not really. Kinda. Slightly. He actually did most of the work.
"Can't get a good grip!" Raz yelled, which prompted annoyed stares from the party.
"Well, Young Razputin. If you had been paying any attention at all then you would have seen that Pyro and Mikhail did all the work," Sasha sighed.
"So?" Raz murmured.
"Let us leave the matter alone for now. Mikhail, Pyro. Take us up the mountain," Sasha mumbled, at which point Pyro and Mikhail did what they had been asked to. They finally arrived at the top, where they calmly waited for the others, whilst Pyro set the gondola on fire, to avoid suspicion.

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