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Originally Posted by MachineCult
Capital letters, bold underlines and "RE-E-E-EALLY" don't help you get your point across.
Well, they can. *hides*

I honestly found 'the comment' not that flamey. Sure, it invoked a lot of feeling, but it's true. It would be hypocritical to say that most prefer BF II when the votes are nearly tied.

And I have the power to change that.

Originally Posted by MachineCult
You didn't offer much in the way of a dicussion why you prefer SWBF1, you merely ridiculed people who prefer SWBF2.
Though Flowing Force did say BF I was better, he did concede:

Originally Posted by Flowing Force
BOTH games have thier advantages and disadvantages over the other one. There is no better One.
Besides, no one has been offended by it yet.
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