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Originally Posted by MachineCult
I'm getting a bit sick of your attitute, OxyClean. I was merely pointing out the fact that you totally disregarded my post and when Zat made a point Identical to mine, and you told him that he made a good point.
I wasn't trying to be a smartass, ok? I'm sorry that I forgot about your post, and I couldn't tell by your post whether you were angry or not. I am sorry if I upset you, but you have to understand, your post confused me. And, yes, I pointed out his post (which was identical to yours) instead of yours, but does it really matter?? Yours is a great point, but I quoted his because I didn't think it would matter to you. I guess I was wrong. Sorry for seeming like a smartass, but I really wasn't trying to be.

Tell me what you regard as your greatest strength, so I will know how best to undermine you. Tell me of your greatest fear, so I will know which I must force you to face. Tell me what you cherish most, so I will know what to take from you. And tell me what you crave, so that I might deny you.
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