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To be honest. I think George is getting too money hungry. I am not a fan of all the edits to the Special Eddition, but I do like how he fixed them up. Sweet!

I didn't like Shaw being replaced by Hayden, and I found no logical reasoning for it. I am not a big fan of Haydens, and I am not going to be one any time soon.

I also didn't like Greedo shooting first, nor did I like the 'Little Shop of Horrors' head in the Sarlac.

Everything else was pretty cool.

My only problem with this mess is that George is releasing another set of his movies. If I knew he was going to re-release the 1977 version, I would have not bought the Special Edittion.

It was a known factor that George added the Ewoks to Return of the Jedi, so he can sell merchandise to kids. I think he still carries the same mantality today.

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