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Originally Posted by MacLeodCorp
Wow. You must be a youngling. When did they loose their place as canon. Did something occur, which I did not know about?
Canonically, Ewoks don't sing, the Death Stars tractor beam controls aren't written in english and Anakins force ghost is him at the age of 21.
and, I grew up loving the originals, I was 12 when episode 1 came out, and when the OT DVDs came out, I loved those changes, they make all the films fit as a series.

Originally Posted by MacLeodCorp
I wonder what Yoda would say. You made fun of the Muppet Show. I grew up with that show as well. Yoda (Frank Oz) the second voice to Kermit the Frog. I personally prefer the Muppet of Yoda over the digital.

I have to go and call Yoda. Hehehe... I think he would like to hear what you said. F.Y.I. - My avatar was directly taken from my ESB DVD.

Puppet Yoda live forever.
Wow, okay... I didn't even mention Yoda, so I don't know where that came from.

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