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Nostelgic reasons. Remember, I did not say there was anything wrong with the films. I did say I prefer preserving certain nostelgic elements of Episode IV,V, and VI

Lets see who played Darth Vader:

Episode III:
Hayden Christensen (For five seconds)

Episode IV, V, and VI:
David Prowse (For 3 Movies. Except for Stunts.)
James Earl Jones (Played Darth Vader. The Voice. 4 Movies.)
Bob Anderson (Vaderís fighting for 3 movies.)

Episode VI:
Shaw (For 5 seconds.)

Lets see who played Anakin Skywalker:

Episode I:
Jake Lloyd (For one movie)

Episode II & III:
Hayden Christensen (For 2 whole movies)

Episode VI:
Shaw (For 5 seconds.)

From where I stand, I don't see why Shaw was replaced by Hayden. The character didn't have one solid actor the whole time. Maybe it should have been James Earl Jones. I just don't see any logic in changing the force ghost to Hayden.

We could go back to Episode I-III, and change the actors heads to a digital younger David Prowse. Remember, Shaw also wore the Vader outfit.

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