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But then Shadow, one of the super magical dogs from the future appeared in the lake with the Kar. And just like that, clouds in the sky parted, and sunlight streamed onto Kar. It was freakin' crazy bright.

Kar looked up with tears in his eyes. But, they were tears of joy. He knew something crazy cool was going to happen. The tears streaked down his fast at freakin' 500 mph. Really fast. Fast enough to erode a hole in the ground near him. A hole all the way to China, so much water came out that those poor people in China drowned. But they were happy, cuz they were drowning in happiness. And his heart was all full of super magical stuff. Like chicken patties and stuff I think. And Kar was all like "I'm freakin' awesome!"

And Shadow was all like "Yes. Totally." They instantly became great frineds. They made smores, sang campsongs, solved mysterys dealing with other campers and even listened to ACE OF BASE. They agreed to both be part of the BFF LEAGUE. (The Best Friends FOREVER League.) And they went on a pantsing rampage where they pulled down lots of people's pants. Then Shadow used time teleportation device (that also uses magic and wheels)to leave now that his work was done.

Also, Shadow gave Kar a gun. And winked. As Kar held the large gun in his trembling hands he felt a new sense of power and craved more.....

Then Shadow came back again and farted.
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