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Yes, I believe he is a bunny in an animal testing research lab, where they force him to smoke carpet samples everyday to see if they are safe to sell to the public.

That is they used to have to force him to do it... until he really developed a taste for it... now they can't get him to stop.

Every now and then he escapes the cage and gets on the computers late at night to offer coded communications to the outside world before they manage to find them and lock him back up in his cage.

I haven't been able to fully break all the codes yet... but of what I have deciphered... well,.. let's just say that I believe that the NSA would be very interested indeed. The Bunny Revolution Alliance (or BRA, for short) is one scary group, let me tell you...

I could release some of the terrible, terrible truths I have found out... but I'd rather stay on their good side, for the day when they become our new overlords they may just take mercy on me.

Viva La Resistance!

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