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Originally Posted by ExileRevan
Same here, and I dont know if this is of any relevance but... Mace killed Jango with his Vaapad form, a feat that Obi attempted but failed with the Sorceau form.
Mace defeated Palpatine a massive feat! Obi on the otherhand barely escaped his encounters with Dooku alive. Thats my opinion.

The reason for that might be because Vapaad is an agressive form, while Soresu is almost purely defensive. But it also might be that Obi-Wan is weaker than Windu, or that Obi-Wan is more patient during battles than Windu. I personally have no idea which is right, which is why I posted this thread in the first place, so I could hear other peoples opinions.

@exilerevan: I never thought of it like that before. Good point.

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