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Originally Posted by Kurgan
Ah Star Wars is all about nostalgia. These whipper snappers nowadays don't understand it like you and me!

I was 5 when ROTJ first came out in theaters, and I was thrilled to see it. I saw the re-release of A New Hope (yes, it was "A New Hope" by then) as well, but I never saw ESB in theaters until the SE's in 1997.

Anyway, I can understand if you weren't alive in 1985 (the last time ROTJ was re-released, '86 for Bulgaria; ANH was last shown in '82, though '86 in Spain; ESB in '82, '83 in Australia) if you don't have special feelings for these films how they were before Lucas started changing things around drastically. Just don't deny us our dreams and fan fulfillment.

Seriously though, who's the more nerdy or geeky, the people who whined for the originals from 1997 to 2006, (and are now getting them thanks in large part to their whining) or the folks who gloated about the SE's being better and now are pissed off that the originals are finally officially seeing the light of day on DVD?
I give George credit for releasing that extra features dvd. The vintage tv/movie trailers are so primitive that they look cool. ESB's vintage trailers are so legendary. From the watching the extra-long-long documentary, George said he created them without even starting the film.

The folks who gloated about the SE's being better are more nerdy. Hehehe...

Whinning about not getting the 1977 release is more like preserving antiquity. Hehehe... (I threw the last 'Hehehe...' to freak MachineCult out.)

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