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Post Joy of joys, and old friend from out of the past... a legend in his own time!

Originally Posted by Trail (MS)
Ahh... a misspent youth =). Always interesting to see what comes up when you google your own name. Please feel free to do what you want with that old site, quite dated by today’s standards, it was an interesting hobbie in college to get up on the net and one of the first projects that I did. I was always better at the programming then graphics art.

For those interested in tracking me down, feel free to contact me at my work email address:, and you can contact me via IM using the same address on MSN Messenger.

It would be fun to reminisce.

Do my eyes deceive me? Scott! What's it been, six years?

How are you? So you're working for Mr. Gates now? Maybe you can tell the old man to go easy on us poor nerds...

Anyway, Trail, ever since you got a real job we've missed you man... good to hear from you again. I wish I could get MSN messenger to work (via Trillian, I use ICQ and the works with it), but that explains why I couldn't get you to read my PM's way back when, heh.

Your site as you can see, despite its age is being treated with the utmost respect.

Welcome back, in any case...

PS: I realize you just signed up, but please check your private messages when you get a chance.

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