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Hmm.. haven't seen that error

Can you list those particular mods, or are there way too many to list? The modder may have created their .2da file in excel and forgot to re-convert back to binary.

KotOR Tool has 2 different extraction methods for .2da files.. one of course is an excel version which won't work directly in your game's override...

If you can list the mods, that could help.. but if you're willing to experiment:

1) Backup the original mod (in case this doesn't work)
2) Extract a standard .2da file (appearance, baseitems, etc. that the mod is using) using KotOR Tool
3) Replace the mod's existing .2da with the one you just extracted
4) Run the installer to see if it will work

If the modder used the TSL Patcher correctly.. their mod should only be including a non-modified .2da anyways.. so overwriting it shouldn't cause problems...

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