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Originally Posted by Alan Frost
I already made a tread about SEV going beserk, you should read it.
Why would Sev go berserk? Doesn't make much sense, he was either captured by the CIS, went into hiding in Kashyyyk until he could leave, or he's dead.

Originally Posted by Alan Frost
What about Boss going force sensitive with the ability to see 1s into the future like the Jedi. Then you could add the story that Boss saw SEV alive somewhere, lets say, Mannan.
People don't "go" force sensitive, especially not Clone Troopers, was Jango Fett force sensitive? No, so why would his Clones be?
Manaan? Why Manaan? Sev wouldn't end up on Manaan, and theres no reason why Boss would be there.

Originally Posted by Alan Frost
OR general Grievous tried to clone his own trooper to infiltrate the Republic and he needed SEV for the perfect infiltrator.
Then again I'm just force sensitive
General Grievous tried to "clone his own trooper"? What does that mean? Grievous' troopers are all droids and what makes you think that Sev would be his "perfect infiltrator"?
No you aren't force sensitive.

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