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KOTOR III: The Stand of the Sith

Starring (so far):

Me, Tysyacha, as the Jedi Exile, Tysy Dvukh
ForceFightWMe12 as Canderous Ordo, the Mandalore
JasraLantil and Jae Onasi (I think) as Revan (why did I
delete my PM's? Dumb!)


A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away...

Five years after the JEDI EXILE, Tysy Dvukh, defeated the
Sith Lord DARTH TRAYA at the heart of Malachor V, she still
searches for her former Master. REVAN, also once the Lord
of the Sith, has vanished from the face of the galaxy. With
her dying words, DARTH TRAYA revealed that Revan had
gone to the Unknown Regions beyond the Outer Rim of space.

That is where the Exile must now venture, with only the fierce
Mandalore, CANDEROUS ORDO, and the loyal utility droid T3-M4
by her side. Tysy Dvukh fears that once she reaches the heart
of the true Sith Empire, the Dark Side will turn her at last.
Will her dedication to the galaxy--and her hidden passion for
the Mandalore--preserve her and her allies, or will the Sith,
with a risen Dark Lord, claim victory once and for all?


"I've abandoned all of them, Canderous."

Canderous Ordo, also known as the Mandalore, leader of all the
clans of his warrior race, swiveled his helmeted head to look at
the Exile. Tysy looked troubled, but much more so than usual.

"Just when I needed them most, what did I do? I left Atton Rand,
Mira, the Disciple, and Visas Marr at the Jedi Enclave. Why didn't
I take them with me? They could have helped us fight the Sith!
Instead, since those four were all Jedi, I left them on Dantooine
in the hope they'd be safe there." Tysy sighed and shook her head.

T3-M4, sitting in the pilot's seat that had once belonged to--not
merely been occupied by--Atton Rand, whistled and beeped warmly.

"I guess you're right, T3. After all, with no Masters at the Enclave,
who's going to teach the Padawans and Younglings who want to
join the Order? Darth Traya's extermination plan should never
have a chance to succeed again. Still...I needed their help.
I miss them." Tysy sat down in the co-pilot's seat and lay
her head in her hands. Being a Jedi had never been harder,
or more painful. Was this emptiness what the future held for her?

"Exile? Are you all right?" came the respirated voice of the Mandalore.

Tysy turned her body towards him. A surge of warmth filled her,
and her heart began to pound. Not with fear, but with long-hidden
feelings. Ever since that day aboard the Ravager, with Darth
Nihilus looming in the distance and the Mandalorian between them...

"I--" That was all Tysy could say before her breath caught in her throat.
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