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The High Ground!? The Sith never learn...

"It's over Anikan! I've got the High Ground!" As so we remember Obi-wan giving Anikan his last warning before the young Sith took his fatal leap.

But we will also remember our dear Obi-wan hanging in peril below a gloating Darth Maul. Not only did Maul have the "high ground" but Obi-wan was also without a weapon. And what happened? In a single leap Maul was completely two.

So what's with the "high ground" anyway? Is this a bluff? Some sort of taunt to take advantage of a Sith Lord's overconfidence? In both battles Obi-wan had an endless parry with his opponents. Yet in the air with Maul he delivered a fatal strike, and Anikan trying the same move got both legs and an arm cut off. The "high ground" has a proven fatal result, but always to Obi-wan's advantage.
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