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Originally Posted by alexialu
excuse me but another problem remains:some mods show
error"Specified file was a 2DA file but not in binary format. That format is unhandled at this time. Unable to load. (2DA-1)"
when installation is processing ,could someone help me out?
That error is usually shown when a 2DA file found in the override folder, that the mod installer needs to modify, is in the 2DA V2.0 (whitespace separated plain text) instead of the 2DA V2.b (indexed binary) format.

What's the name of the 2DA file that the mod installer complains about? Find this file in your override folder and open it with notepad (don't save or modify the files with notepad). If the first text inside the file is 2DA V2.0 rather than 2DA V2.b, this is your problem. The mod installer does not handle the 2DA V2.0 format currently.

The 2DA V2.0 format was used for the game Neverwinter Nights, while 2DA V2.b is used for the KotOR series. The KotOR game engine still supports the old format, though it's much slower and more inefficient to use.

I would recommend that you move the offending 2DA file out from your override folder before installing the mod, and then, using KotorTool, add the modifications from the old file into the new file that will be placed there. It's some work initially, but will make it easier in the long run.

If you don't know how to do this, and don't have the inclination to learn, I can make a fix for you if you can figure out which mod it was that placed the old 2DA V2.0 format file in your override folder. The text format files are usually more than twice as large as the binary format ones so it shouldn't be hard to spot if you compare file sizes.

Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
The only thing I can think of is since you're listing a 2da-1 extension, is that somehow the file was copied and pasted in the same folder where such a file existed already
The 2DA-1 part is just an error message to help track down where problems occur. It means that it was the 2DA handling class that threw the exception, and it was the first such exception (from an incremented index) the class can throw. If the file was named improperly the mod installer wouldn't have found it at all and instead put a new copy of it in the override folder.


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