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Originally Posted by Tysyacha
Jae Onasi (I think) as Revan (why did I
delete my PM's? Dumb!)
((I'm Revan.))

Revan sat on a railing above the command center of a base located on rocky terrian of a moon. A moon without a planet. However the moon continued to orbit something, and noone could understand what happened to the planet. Had they're even been a planet? If yes, what happened it it? If no, what is this moon orbiting? The base contained mainly human scientists, droids and wookiees has gaurds. They were all here to find out about this moon, and the weird readings the radiars recived. Revan was also interested in this moon, however he was mainly interested in getting into the ruins that were not far from the base however Revan had never had the chance to get there, with the whole no air and gravity and a mysterious mild field around it.

((by the way, can i have controll of Zaalbar or Mission or both?))

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