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Tysy smiled, and the warmth inside her increased. She felt a sense
of kinship with this warrior, this man who had fought his way through
more battles than she herself could count. Due to her order to activate
the Mass Shadow Generator twice upon Malachor V, she truly could not
decide which of them had the bigger body count--Mandalore or herself.

"I may not be an exile anymore," she began, choosing her words carefully,
"but I'm also not a Jedi anymore. Not technically. I've left behind the stiff
rules of the Council, and that includes the one forbidding any attachments.
I guess what I'm trying to say is--I've had feelings for you ever since that
day aboard the Ravager. I realize what you meant to me then, and
what you will mean to me now if you accept me. Do you...Canderous?
In this new way, when all we both have known so far is war and death?"

T3 beeped again, this time with what sounded oddly like a utility-droid
wolf whistle. Tysy also heard his tinny squeals that signified laughter.

"Oh, hush! You tell me you never fancied any female-programmed droids?"

"Www, www, www," said T3, the noises he made sounding like blaster fire.
Obviously, the plucky droid must have thought his "opposites" had cooties.

"Anyway," said the Exile, turning back to Canderous, "I need all the help--
and all the love--I can get. The galaxy's a cold place without either one."
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