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What if George decided in about twenty years to change Hayden's face in Episode II and III to a digitally younger David Prowse (The Original Darth Vader)? Would you be upset?

Think about it this way: Several of us have been bourght up with the original cut of Star Wars for 30 years. One day, George decided to make tweaks to his films. After making several cool tweaks, he also managed to make some argumental tweaks. The movie that I grew up with no longer exists. The movie that I fell to admire for its place in film history has been overhauled in a way that is indifferent. If the Star Wars saga was built from Episode I - VI, from the very beginning, I would probally not like the franchise. Episode I-III don't sit well with me. When it comes to George making changes to Episode IV-VI, this ultimately changes the story I grew up with.

From my perspective: Luke Skywalker & Han Solo are at the center of Star Wars.

To everyone who did not see the original 1977 cut, they see Anikan Skywalker at the center of Star Wars.

Boba Fett is a prime example of another change, which I honestly didn't want to see happen. I felt that seeing Boba Fett as a child ruined my perspective of him. I rather think he is ruthless, but now I see him as a cheap kid in a bounty hunters suit looking for revenge.

Mediclorians (sp?) are another example of horrible changes to the story. I grew up with the force being an energy filed, which a human can summons and control. Now, that idea was crushed by the medaclorians. Grrr....

Princes Leia's story is intresting. She was the only one who remembered what her mothers face looked like. Episode III messed that logic up. A five minute old baby will not remember the events that occur at the time. I personally thought Leia was brought up for a few years or so by her mother, and Luke was seperated from them to protect them fromVader. Combined, they act like a force beacon, which Vader could find and locate. Seperately, the force would bee too weak for Vader to notice.

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