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Tysy almost stepped back, as pleasantly startled as she was, but she did not.
This was the first time she had ever seen the Mandalore's face. Rugged and
handsome, it was, but without the traces of Sith techniques or hidden hatred
to mar its surface. Gently, almost fearing to, she reached up to stroke his hair.

"And I am with you, Canderous Ordo, until both of us become one with the
Force." She saw the Mandalore smile wryly. He had never thought much of
the Jedi, but at least he didn't look as irritated as Tysy thought he would.

"Speaking of Revan," she asked him once he had redonned his helmet and
locked it into place, "where do you supppose we could possibly find him?
You and I have been searching for five years straight. Traya said he was
in the Outer Rim, but she never said whereabout, or how we should attempt
to get there. You were with him once, traveling. Where do you think he is?"
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