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Originally Posted by Captain-Panaka7
I hate air cruisers.I prefer to use soldiers all the time since it's not cheating air cruisers are basically cheating Even tho they seem to die fast
Using soldiers against destroyer droids (especially Heavy ones) is tantamount to suicide though. Grenade troopers might have some success, but even they will get wiped out. Mech destroyers/Assaults are better, but better still is air since the destroyers can't hit them. Fighters aren't very good against them, but bombers work quite well. As for air cruisers, I don't really consider them cheating. Fighters wipe out ACs very quickly Anti-air (especially retrofitted) work fairly well too. Considering their slow speed, high cost (and repair cost), and long recharge time, ACs can be quite detrimental to their user's economy if their opponent takes advantage of their weaknesses.

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