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Tysy leaned in close to the Mandalore, her face still soaking wet with
tears. They were beginning to become sticky on her cheeks, and she
welcomed Canderous' support. She placed her hand on top of his
metal gauntlet. "Thank you," she whispered, almost pulling in close
for a kiss, but not daring to. Not in this place of grief and horror.

Suddenly she had a quick thought. "If anyone else is still alive
in this Enclave, we need to find them. Mical, Visas, Atton and
Mira might have had students that they were training, and if
they're here, we might be able to ask for their help on Ziost."

Noticing the Mandalore's surprised look, Tysyacha glanced
at him with a determined stare. "We need all the help we
can get if we're going there. They may not be as well-
trained as we are, but they might be of some aid to us."

She and the Mandalore turned to search the other parts of the
Enclave, including the infamous Sublevel, for any survivors.

((P.S. Anyone want to join in as an Enclave survivor? ))
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