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I think the developers should take in some of the Triple Zero/Hard Contact storyline/ideas. Temporarily replace Sev with a commando from the Omega Squad or maybe even search for Sev with the Omega and Delta working together under the command of Ordo and Kal Skirata. As with triple zero Delta squad does deviate from generalized republic orders. Since Kal and Walon have a history, with Walon and Kal being clone/mandalorian compassionate, it would be the perfect excuse to look for Sev. Besides in the story Walon is the type not to allow squad member losses, so theres another reason. They go home, Walon gets pissed, beats on Delta squad, Kal finds out, kicks Walons ass for doing so, and with that, they agree to look for Sev. Maybe a little help from Barden Jusik, since his time spent with the squads in triple zero made him "one of the boys". who will actually have a significant role in the storyline "sensing" that Sev is alive.

I dont see a problem with having vehicles. Not in the sense like battlefront, but more like Far Cry type vehicular action, get behind the wheel, still have the limitations of being in first person (blind spots and such) and having the a team member go nuts on top of the vehicle lobbing out grenades at other vehicles while another hangs from the side sniping enemies ahead. The jetpack idea is pretty neato, maybe have a little more solo missions with better equipments, so instead of taking care of a twenty SBDs with regulation equipment, maybe a jetpack and an EMP launcher. I also agree with the different equipments/armor, make the interface a little different, make a katarn version of the scout troopers equipment for speed, maybe a stealth module, maybe even add a bit of rpg in the mix and equip yourself and team members with some misc items, something that will make the other squad commands a little more functional (Especially that defend area, pretty flaken useless). Maybe someone carrying an assembly required gunpod, like a real world delta squad with helicopter parts in their backpacks. Imagine a huge open area having to defend a broken down gunship, a few hundred droids come in, deploy a few gunpods and start gunning them down. I think the commandos need a fixer up tool ala engineer style, being to slice stuff, blow stuff up at a press of a button is cool and everything, but fixing stuff would be cool too.

So all in all storylinewise i would say,

Scenario 1: Deltas go home, Walon and Kal get together to plan for Sev's rescue, rescue mission, Jusik and some of the Null ARCS (I really want to see these guys in action) help out

Scenario 2: Deltas go home with Sev, only to be commanded to hunt down jedi, they hunt down a few jedi, feeling guilt for killing once allies, Kal and Walon disagree with orders because its just wrong even though they hate jedi (Darman and Etaine love connection might tie in somewhere here), Deltas go against the empire, find their selfworth

Scenario 3: Finding answers to cure for short lives, actually finds cure, they use it find peace in a new planet, restarts a new mandalorian age.

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