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Living Dead

"You can't afford passage and are waiting to buy passage-"
"We've given up Manny, all of us, we've decided to seek life here in the Eighth Underworld, when you've been here long enough you will too"

Not the exact words as I recall, but the chilling words of Membrillo definately put one thing in perspective for me when playing Grim Fandango; not everyone desires Heaven, or at least in terms of the game.

In reality, we must accept that one day we will die. One way or the other we all will face death; but in the fictional game that choice does not occur to the characters. They are already dead, they cannot die, and so the only thing that awaits them is the Ninth Underworld or sprouting; death-within-death. Manny's conversation with Membrillo brings some haunting revelations to the choices faced by the characters. In Year 1, we see that most of the characters want out; Salvador, Domino and others long to leave this world. Yet as Sal brings up, many wish to live in the Eighth Underworld; such as Manny discovers in Year 2- in Rubacava.

A surprising aspect of the game was in Year 2; no character mentions leaving the port- only Celso Flores rushes off at the beginning of Manny's stay in Rubacava. The other characters such as Velasco, Charlie, Olivia and the others are well contented to stay in Rubacava. Of course Manny never loses sight of his personal goal to save Meche and get out of this world. In his words he 'doesn't belong here'.

The game itself is genius when looking at the perspectives of characters in the afterlife; how wish to remain living and live a 'living'-persons life when others such as Manny except death. Especially when he comments on 'where his heart used to be". As some in our world do not seek fame and fortune, even religion, it is interesting to see that in Grim Fandango some do not seek heaven and rather a life of eternity.

"Oh Manny, so cynical, what happened to you Manny, that caused you to lose your sense of hope, your love of life?"
"I died"

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