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Originally Posted by -Synthetik-
Scenario 1: Deltas go home, Walon and Kal get together to plan for Sev's rescue, rescue mission, Jusik and some of the Null ARCS (I really want to see these guys in action) help out

Scenario 2: Deltas go home with Sev, only to be commanded to hunt down jedi, they hunt down a few jedi, feeling guilt for killing once allies, Kal and Walon disagree with orders because its just wrong even though they hate jedi (Darman and Etaine love connection might tie in somewhere here), Deltas go against the empire, find their selfworth

Scenario 3: Finding answers to cure for short lives, actually finds cure, they use it find peace in a new planet, restarts a new mandalorian age.
Sorry man, but I'm gonna have to trash your storyline...

First of all, this seems to put the game together so that there's literally no action outside rescuing Sev and two or three Jedi. If you listen to Yoda at the end of Republic Commando, it seems like he has big plans for you. And it's not got anything to do with rescuing Sev. I mean, sure Sev is cool, but SOMEONE has to be killed off. It's part of a good plot. It'd be like saying that they'd go back to save Qui-Gon in AotC or something. Doesn't make sense. It would be anticlimactic to have Sev back right away in the game.

Second, I'm not so sure who Kal and Walon are (didn't read the comics), but if they're commandos, there's no chance of them turning against the Republic/Empire. If they're ARC's, then they could, but remember: the clones had Order 66 and the other emergency protocols drilled into them as an ABSOLUTE. It'd be like if you stayed in a movie theater when the fire alarm goes off just because you want to watch the end of the movie!

And lastly, that "Delta goes off to a nice new planet and live happily ever after" part is just... no. Delta Squad "going rogue" as so many people have suggested doesn't make sense. Clone Commandos had the same modifications as all of the rest of the Clone Troopers, but never had any association with any Jedi (as far as I know), so why would they feel so bad about gunning them down? If I was a Delta commando, I'd gladly gun each and every Jedi down. After all, Yoda was the one who made Delta leave without Sev.
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