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Lightsabre styles... I got them, but how do I change!?

Hiya, i'm relatively new to the game (and the forums!), only just discovered it, I've tried to search the forums for a solution to this but didn't really find one.. sorry if it's been repeated!

So, brilliant, i've got to Doomgiver without much problems, been impressed with everything.

The info pad always reports that I have the Fast Style, and it's Characterised By The Blue Bar At The Bottom, and then it says I have the Strong Style, and It's Characterised By The Red Bar At The Bottom, but how comes I still can't seem to use the styles?

This is in Single Player btw, that means I am currently always using the Medium, Yellow style. I wanna have blue or red and have good fun slashing things up with it

I know that I can type something in the console to change it, but surely there's a way inside the game as well!

So, em, answers appreciated! This game has really made me a star wars fan you know! Nice community!
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