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Aerl stooped and picked up a control module from the pile of rubble in what used to be a corridor in the damaged Jedi Enclave. He shook his head in what could either be disappointment or disgust. “Stupid droid. Can always count on them to...”

Suddenly, he heard voices coming from up ahead, and, frowning, he turned his head in the direction of the library. He slowly moved forward, picking his way through the rubble until he spotted the source of the voices through the open door in the library. Three people—a woman, a young man, and a Mandalorian.

"It doesn't seem the Sith style," Mandalore murmured, "To send droids? I don't think so."

Aerl looked at the droid module he held in his hand, and raised an eyebrow. Quietly, he laid it down and shoved it underneath a fallen support beam, hiding it from plain view. Then, with a ready hand on his holstered blaster, he cautiously approached the three.

“Erm…hullo?” he said tentatively as he made his appearance in the doorway of the library.

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