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Originally Posted by montnoir
...To me it says "Let's get to the point quick, the audience is too stupid to care of how we got there". This is exactly why I never could get more than, mildly interested, in the EU, because it assumed its audience were morons... and apparently it still does.
lolz. If you think SW books are meant to be anything more than light reading, you will always be disappointed. EU isnt quantum mech or metaphysics, and isnt meant to be.

Star Wars, in all its forms, is a space fantasy/adventure series. SW lit-EU, whilst hardly perfect, has evolved significantly from its Thrawn/Clones/Superweapons beginnings. I'd liek to throw in that Traitor is am awesome book, by the standards of any genre

If only Stover could have described Anakins torment that well. He tried, but unfortunately was limited by GLs imagination


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