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First of all you are all right, and second of all you are all wrong.
Clones are soldiers, bred to die, and bred to conquer. They die but others die by them. You cant talk about clones like robots, they are human. Their brothers die and they feel the loss, droids vanish but they rebild. Clones are the wrath of the Republic, bringers of hope and destruction.

They think, they care, they feel. How can you judge about them like that when you never been in combat where your brothers in arms die, when the earth cryes from pain beneath you feet as your nemesis perishes by your hands and his life liquid drips from your face.

They follow orders but they are human. They know they will die because they are human. But still they fight on even though some dont wish it, because lifes depend on them, lifes that are the very core of the Republic.
To some they are slaves to other they are heroes. The Jedi who lead them to battle do not look at them as meat for the grinder, they look at them as brothers. So when Delta squad left Sev behind they knew the price if they go looking for him. Others would die, maybe thousands because of one man.

Would you kill a baby to save the universe knowing if you do not do that all life will perish?

They followed the Order 66 because they thougt it would help the Republic, but Palpantines words are twisted and full of hate. So from the ashes from the old Republic which was pure and simple, rose the Imperium,the twisted snake that eats his own tale.

If the Clones lived longer they would have rised against the Imperium for Imperium was in all ways the oposite of the Republic. But Palpantine forsow this and so clones started to die out due to their genetic programming and never again did the universe saw the heroes of that ilk.
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