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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Mach, we're all going to need anti-depressants after an ending like that.
Other than that, I enjoyed it.
I could have ended it on a high note, and was going to with the announcement of the first Republic conference, but I hadn't resolved what Sienna and Breia would do, or the relationship between Sala and Koori. For that matter though Meeri had died, I hadn't resolved the manner of her death, though the fact that a dozen men did not follow the traitor onto the pad probably gave you a clue. I almost did ignore those anyway.

The problem was, I pictured the affect of crashing something that weighs a few hundred kilotons at 200 KPH and it wasn't pretty. I almost threw in a 'miracle' ending, having Koori wake up and a joyful tearful romantic ending.

I almost had Meeri just drop half the building on the men so she wouldn't kill them herself.

I am a story teller in the old Celtic style. Sometimes the good guys lose, sometimes the hero dies. Did I at least resolve the unanswered questions from the first part of the book?

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