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Originally Posted by Vruki Salet
Lol you want to make it damage X 2000 against runners, don't you? I know it!
No I was actually hoping for X 4000. LOL! No but seriously, version 0.0.9d doesnt have any running penalties. I was hoping to add the X 2 DP penalties for running back in and lower the lunge DP damage possibly even back to normal hit damage. Heck, because we found out that running is still a bit too powerful for this mod, I might even make the running damage X 2.5 until we can come up with something else. That should make it penalized just enough so only the best runners can do well.

Just recompile the game .dll and then package it up in a .pk3.
Well, I'm not entirely sure how to do that, but I could probably figure it out (I think the directions are with the code development pack anyways). Do you have the most recent code that includes the mishap meter at the repository, btw? If not, Do I have to recompile and put in the whole thing or can I just pick out running code somehow? If the code I have is old and I put the whole w_saber cv file in, wont that disable some of the new code or something? Like I said, I am stupid at this. Help me oh great Jedi Guardian of the Newbie Questions (bows down)

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